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What is the suction fan

Article Source:Admin Popularity: 1500  Published: 2015/6/10 

"Suction fan" is commonly used in industry plant ventilation and cooling exhaust fan of professional synonymous, commonly known as, exhaust fan, exhaust fan, industrial exhaust fan. Suction fan is the use of air convection cooling principle of negative pressure ventilation is a site by the installation of the - door or window natural inhale fresh air, indoor outdoor hot gas quickly forced out, any problems can be improved ventilation machines, ventilation cooling effect of up to 90% -97%. . The machine uses CAD / CAM design, with low investment costs, air volume, low noise, low energy consumption, stable operation, long life, high efficiency, shutters automatically shuts dust, water, beautiful; both hair, but also ventilation, modern workshop is the best choice for cooling ventilation. Environmental protection, energy saving ventilation and cooling suction fan will become the mainstream equipment market.

Suction fan Scope:

A, suitable for high temperature or smell of workshop: such as heat treatment plant, casting plant, plastics plant, aluminum factories, shoe factories, leather factory, electroplating plants, a variety of chemical plants.

B, applicable to labor-intensive enterprises: such as garment factories, various assembly plant, cafes.

C, ventilation and cooling greenhouse horticulture, livestock farms cool.

D, especially for applications that require cooling and requires a certain humidity locations. Such as cotton, woolen mills, jute mill, weaving plants, chemical plants, Jingbian, bomb factory, knitting, silk factory, hosiery and other textile mills.

E, suitable for warehousing and logistics


When installing suction fan, fan side of the wall must be good seal the deal. Especially surrounding the fan can not have gaps. The best way to install suction fan is the fan near the walls and doors that face all off, fans across the wall of windows and doors open to ensure airflow straight line flow.

Suction fan installation is a very important project for the future use of suction fan effect is very large impact, must keep in mind throughout the process installation.

Before Installation

1, the suction fan should be carefully examined before installing the suction fan is intact, each fastener bolt is loose or off, whether the collision impeller hood. Carefully check the fan or blinds during transport without deformation damage.

2, the installation environment select the outlet, the outlet should be noted that the opposite can not have too much of an obstacle within 2.5 -3M.


1, the installation smoothly: should pay attention to the horizontal position of the suction fan is installed fans to adjust to the level of suction fan and a solid foundation plane. After installing the motor can not have tilt.

2, the installation suction fan bracket, be sure to let stand firm and level ground plane, re-install Jiaotie reinforcement if necessary beside the suction fan.

3, the suction fan after installation, you want to check around sealing. If the space available solar panels or glass glue for sealing.

After installation

1, after the installation is complete, check the suction fan is left inside legacy tools and debris. Hand or toggle lever blades, check for tight or collision, the availability of goods not interfere with the rotation of anomalies, commissioning can be carried out.

2, in operation where there is vibration or suction fan motors are "buzzing" abnormal sound or other abnormalities should stop to check, to be repaired and then start to use.