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Environmental air-conditioning wet curtain fan cooling system[2015-6-10]

Environmental air-conditioning (wet curtain cooling fan) Wet curtain (also known as wet film) humidification system is a major component of the wet film, which is adding special chemical raw materials made of plant fiber or glass fiber, has good moisture absorption and wet stiff. recently success

Plant ventilation cooling equipment suction fan system[2015-6-10]

An industrial plant ventilation cooling system: suction fan industrial plant emissions, flue gas dust industry is global governance has been a problem, have been studied for decades. My company through the introduction, absorption, integration and improvement of the successful development of the

Plant ventilation equipment, suction fan is the best choice[2015-6-10]

Summer daytime outdoor temperature 32 ℃ ~ 36 ℃, no heat plant indoor temperature is about 37 ℃ ~ 41 ℃, due to the hot plant because of poor ventilation, mechanical heat, caused by the sun, so hot for internal plant, odor time, dust and other issues, the use of air convection, ventilation principl

Installation suction fan attention?[2015-6-10]

When installing suction fan, fan side of the wall must be good seal the deal. Especially surrounding the fan can not have gaps. The best way to install suction fan is the fan near the walls and doors that face all off, fans across the wall of windows and doors open to ensure airflow straight line

Suction fan which is attached notes?[2015-6-10]

Suction fan mounted on the outside of windows, walls, pipe connection and the window or wall opening or hole in a wall. Wet curtain cooling fan exit should be higher, not blowing straight body. Before installing, first, the parameters of size, determined by the erection bay situation with angle w

Garment factory workshop cooling ventilation equipment applications[2015-6-10]

First, the industry characteristics:

Garment factory workshop personnel-intensive, and the workshop there are many cooling ventilation equipment will emit heat.

Second, there is a problem workshop:

Employees who work long hours inside, plus the continued cooling of equipme

Let you this summer is no longer hot[2015-6-10]

General plant cooling can be divided into two types: natural ways to cool and equipment cooling. Natural way to include in the workshop watering the ground, and windows that open ventilation. Currently, there are companies shop direct buy big blocks of ice to reach the plant cooling purposes. In

Environmental air conditioning / chiller cooling principle[2015-6-10]

Environmental air conditioning / chiller cooling principle

Environmental air-conditioning (also known as: energy saving air conditioners, air coolers, water chillers, water-cooled air conditioning, industrial chillers and cooling equipment) is a set of cooling, ventilation, humidification

The need for ventilation and cooling of the workshop[2015-6-10]

At present, many companies have installed a plant ventilation and cooling system, which is the working environment for employees and a focus on personal safety, but also companies must do one thing, plant installation workshop ventilation and cooling facilities is extremely necessary.


What is the suction fan[2015-6-10]

"Suction fan" is commonly used in industry plant ventilation and cooling exhaust fan of professional synonymous, commonly known as, exhaust fan, exhaust fan, industrial exhaust fan. Suction fan is the use of air convection cooling principle of negative pressure ventilation is a site by the instal

How to deal with plant cooling equipment maintenance?[2015-6-10]

Sometimes normal ventilation plant cooling equipment fan rotation speed will slow down, you might want to turn a big problem, in fact, this is because the fan dusty, you need to find professionals to give it a wash clean; but If you want to wash your own, then it is also possible, but when you wa

Positive and negative airflow[2015-6-10]

1. "negative" is lower than atmospheric pressure (that is often said of one atmosphere) of the gas pressure conditions, the use of negative pressure is very common, it is often a part of the space so that a negative pressure or vacuum state appear, can use everywhere the atmospheric effect for us

Negative pressure ventilation to keep your plant away from&n[2015-4-15]

I believe 2014 Kunshan-Metal Company That alarmed the whole nation of "dust explosion" event, we all can remember it! This caused 146 deaths and a direct economic loss of 351 million yuan of large accidents, the explosion so that the number of families lost their loved ones, this explosion make t

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