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The need for ventilation and cooling of the workshop

Article Source:Admin Popularity: 1409  Published: 2015/6/10 

At present, many companies have installed a plant ventilation and cooling system, which is the working environment for employees and a focus on personal safety, but also companies must do one thing, plant installation workshop ventilation and cooling facilities is extremely necessary.

For many businesses, ventilation and cooling has become a problem that must be addressed by these devices can improve the environmental quality and enhance the space humidity; such as textile mills, if the relative humidity is too low, it will affect the production process, resulting in brittle yarn hairiness increased electrostatic interaction enhanced fiber fragile, molding defects, could easily lead to defects; Again shoe factories, workshops population density is relatively gathered, such as humidity reach a certain space, could easily lead to the upper wrinkled, loss, workshop odors and air pollution it is difficult to rule out, this is the affected workers to work enthusiasm disadvantages.

Some media reports, July 3 last year, Fuzhou area textile workers 刘远芳 suddenly collapsed at high temperature in the workshop, died of heat stroke in the most serious condition heatstroke; July 15 while a worker under 18 years old in Nanjing after a bottle inspection crafts workshop collapsed shortly died, when the room temperature up to 40 degrees Celsius. Staff lead to death due to the harsh environment, this is a painful price, companies can not give us a warning, in fact, this is just one of the cases, how many cases are unknown to us. This year the two sessions, an important theme is concerned about personal problems of migrant workers, of which a large part is to create a good production and living environment for employees, safeguard their most basic living space. Create cool - Achievements efficiency.