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Environmental air conditioning / chiller cooling principle

Article Source:Admin Popularity: 1567  Published: 2015/6/10 

Environmental air conditioning / chiller cooling principle

Environmental air-conditioning (also known as: energy saving air conditioners, air coolers, water chillers, water-cooled air conditioning, industrial chillers and cooling equipment) is a set of cooling, ventilation, humidification, dust, odor in one of the evaporative cooling change gas unit. Environmentally friendly air-conditioning, an important feature - energy saving, environmental protection! Is a new no compressor, no refrigerant, no brass of environmentally friendly products, the main components of the core - evaporative cooling pad and the main motor 1.1KW / is the traditional central air-conditioning power consumption 8/1 can be more realistic for the industry of power.

Working principle

Green energy-saving air conditioner is to use the principle of evaporation of water, to use physical methods to achieve cooling, its use as a wet curtain cooling medium, wet curtain of water from the top of a uniform flow along a corrugated surface wet curtain, curtain wet evenly from top to bottom When wet, the fan ventilation, resulting in pressure on unsaturated porous moist wet curtain air flow through the surface, a large number of hot and humid air into latent heat, forcing air into the room from the dry bulb temperature was lowered close to the wet bulb temperature increases the air moisture, making dry hot air into the clean cool air, and thus play a role in cooling humidification.


1, suitable for open space (car) rooms.

2, is particularly suitable for harsh workshop cooling conditions, the ventilation, oxygen, dust, clean, to smell, dust lung.

3, completely environmentally friendly product: it is no compressor, no refrigerant, pollution-free environment-friendly products, which is the use of whole fresh outdoor air to cool the principle of evaporative cooling and convection with the indoor ventilation, ventilation and cooling so as to achieve the purpose of purification.

4. The investment cost is low, and the device does not occupy any floor space. Low operating costs, compared with traditional air-conditioning compressor series, its power consumption is only 1/10.

5, ease of maintenance and installation: the system simply, easy and efficient installation, maintenance, no professional maintenance staff.


1, textile, food, glass, ceramics, electronics, chemical fiber, baking, metallurgy, rubber and plastics, rubber, metal, leather and other casting production industry;

2, electroplating, electronics, footwear, printing, plastics, clothing, printing, packaging, food processing industry;

3, hospitals, waiting rooms, schools, waiting rooms, supermarkets, laundry room;

4, greenhouses, flowers, poultry, all kinds of mushrooms, fungi cultivation, animal husbandry and other types of farms;

Lay claim

1, exterior or color steel roof or independent support frame can withstand mount units and weight of two people carrying capacity, the whole place to have a smooth, use a ruler to measure the horizontal level, not have a significant tilt.

2, the body with the surrounding buildings have a certain distance, near the obstruction did not affect ventilation.

3, sealing requirements: unit into a fixed location, to be leak-proof handle.

Installation Requirements

1, triangular bracket bolted to be fastened, and with the wall mount to secure.

2, the host installation must be level.

3, all exterior wall ducts have to do water treatment.

4, the host junction box must be wall mounted for easy maintenance.

5, then the wall of the elbow bend do water, water treatment, water will not flow into the pipes.

Installation Considerations

When installed, a company based on a variety of installation location, the installation process is different with detailed installation drawings, leakage measures and technical requirements for reference when the customer's own installation. After the machine is installed, to rule out dust and impurities within the water, sewer and power connected. Missed good drainage, do not test machine, otherwise it will cause serious leakage.

Site installation point should try to avoid the smell of the place, can choose a more airy place better.

Correct use of the product in the following conditions:

1, ambient temperature: 18 ℃ -45 ℃;

2, the ambient relative humidity ≤85%;

3, atmospheric 86kpa-106kpa;

4, subject to the softening of water, water temperature ≤45 ℃; water pressure: 0.15-0.6Mpa;

5, voltage deviation does not exceed the rated voltage (380v) of ± 10%;

6, the use of ambient air quality should be GB3096 three or more (including three) standard;

7, non-corrosive environment;

Technical requirements

1, triangular bracket bolted to be fastened, and with the wall mount to be strong;

2, the host installation must be level;

3, all exterior wall ducts have to do water treatment;

4, the host junction box must be wall mounted for easy maintenance;

5, then the wall of the elbow bend do water, water treatment, water will not flow into the pipes.