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Let you this summer is no longer hot

Article Source:Admin Popularity: 1494  Published: 2015/6/10 

General plant cooling can be divided into two types: natural ways to cool and equipment cooling. Natural way to include in the workshop watering the ground, and windows that open ventilation. Currently, there are companies shop direct buy big blocks of ice to reach the plant cooling purposes. In addition, you can also set up scaffolding around the top or in the workshop planting vines; or planting trees to block the sun at the plant around.

But above natural method slow effect, but the effect is not obvious, can only block the sun and can not absorb the heat generated inside the workshop. Equipment cooling method is mainly through direct cooling equipment and ventilation and cooling equipment and other equipment to achieve the purpose of cooling the plant. Direct cooling equipment including air conditioning, wet curtain, etc; ventilation and cooling equipment, mainly a variety of fan and fan. Given by the plant cooling system, it enables the plant's production has a higher outcome.