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Garment factory workshop cooling ventilation equipment applications

Article Source:Admin Popularity: 2424  Published: 2015/6/10 

First, the industry characteristics:

Garment factory workshop personnel-intensive, and the workshop there are many cooling ventilation equipment will emit heat.

Second, there is a problem workshop:

Employees who work long hours inside, plus the continued cooling of equipment, will make increasingly foul air quality workshop, hot. If it is not timely to these dirty, hot air discharged inevitably make staff motivation decreased. There are many former garment factory owner will install central air conditioning in the plant, although can greatly reduce the indoor temperature, but still can not improve the low air quality problems, and traditional air-conditioning of the investment and operating costs are prohibitive let the factory bosses .

Third, the solution:

Scenario 1: Installing the environmental air conditioning, ventilation and cooling of the plant were treated.

Core cooling components into the air device is used in the best quality Jiamusi evaporative cooling pad - natural multi-layer corrugated fiber composite materials plant. According to the "water evaporation absorbs heat, evaporation area affect evaporation efficiency," the natural physical phenomena, through the fan to the indoor air, so that negative pressure is generated inside the machine, the outdoor air flow through soaking wet Lianhou air and water at the same time full access air to absorb sensible heat, so as to achieve the purpose of cooling.

Shun Shing equipment for open-air and semi-open environment to directly transport the natural wind and transmission cooling breeze after. Outdoor fresh air conditioning filter through the Shanghai Environmental Protection, after cooling to the room a steady stream of high volume transfer, with indoor odor, dust and haze sultry air from the outdoors, taking into account ventilation, cooling and increase the oxygen content and other effect, especially for high temperature and crowded places.

Scenario 2: Installing the fan curtain system, ventilation cooling treatment plant.

Shun Shing cool wet curtain is made of special fiber paper honeycomb (import of Jiamusi, is a Swedish patented product) adhesive molding via multiple machining high evaporation efficiency and high corrosion resistance of the multi-layer corrugated fiber composite made of. By pump the water to the upper wet curtain, the entire contact surface evenly moist wet curtain of water, when the hot air through the wet curtain, water absorbs a lot of heat in the air, passing through the wet curtain air cooling, but get filtration sent The wind becomes cool, moist and fresh. Using air convection, negative pressure ventilation ventilation cooling principle, by negative pressure ventilation, indoor heat, odor completely excluded outdoor, natural inflow of fresh air, hot and poorly ventilated any problems can improve.

Fourth, the effect of cooling ventilation equipment installation

1, can be discharged in dirty air in the workshop, and always maintain indoor air quality.

2, after carrying out the cooling process, can make the room temperature drop 3-10 degrees.

3, regardless of environmental protection curtain air conditioning or fans, can increase the oxygen content of the workshop, the employees have to work to stimulate emotions.

Fifth, the benefits to the plant

1, in terms of the cost, relative to the central air conditioning is concerned, whether it is environmental conditioning or fan curtain, they are very low cost, central air conditioning only 25% -40%.

2, from the operating cost is concerned, these two programs are extremely energy-efficient. By equivalent area, central air-conditioning power consumption is only 1/8.

3, the cooling ventilation equipment installed, the air quality inside the plant is very high, employees' work efficiency is very good, earnings factories also on a big stage.