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Suction fan which is attached notes?

Article Source:Admin Popularity: 1144  Published: 2015/6/10 

Suction fan mounted on the outside of windows, walls, pipe connection and the window or wall opening or hole in a wall. Wet curtain cooling fan exit should be higher, not blowing straight body. Before installing, first, the parameters of size, determined by the erection bay situation with angle weld. Taking into account the safety of the maintenance person to enter inside the machine, uses 40-50 angle.

The ventilation and cooling equipment should be greater than the distance from the wall 30cm, in order to avoid enters this side wet curtain of airflow obstruction. Suction fan ventilation are generally two types of vertical and horizontal, lateral ventilation the air current overflow sectional area is big, the wind speed is small, easy to create a large area of dead, but longitudinal ventilates the air off a small area, wind speed, the dead angle area is very small. In the case where conditions permit, it should be possible using advanced longitudinal ventilation.