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Plant ventilation equipment, suction fan is the best choice

Article Source:Admin Popularity: 1438  Published: 2015/6/10 

Summer daytime outdoor temperature 32 ℃ ~ 36 ℃, no heat plant indoor temperature is about 37 ℃ ~ 41 ℃, due to the hot plant because of poor ventilation, mechanical heat, caused by the sun, so hot for internal plant, odor time, dust and other issues, the use of air convection, ventilation principle of negative pressure ventilation, just install suction horn fan in a shop opposite, we can immediately stop the hot air inside the plant with the flow, odor, smoke in the shortest possible quickly exhausted to the outside, fresh outdoor air into the workshop because the workshop liposuction, then shop that can reach 1 ~ 5 ℃ cooling effect immediately, and can be consistent and fresh outdoor air.

Ventilation - suction fan Features:

Fiberglass shell, aluminum blades, stainless steel fasteners never rust;

Low noise, small horsepower, air flow, air volume and soft rear automatic one hundred windows, weather stripping;

Belt automatic stretch adjustment solve falling pine slip in fear.

Suction fan Category: helicopter clover style, pure aluminum stamping six-leaf, double front door, cast new six-leaf suction fan.

Our products suction fan negative pressure ventilation, indoor heat, odor completely exhausted to the outside, fresh air flows into the interior of natural ventilation. Some simply say: a relatively confined space or container, if all the air out to go, then a low pressure in the space below the space between the outer pressure, this situation is a negative pressure inside the container is formed.

We use mechanical power fan, powerful ventilation in the plant, the plant quickly create a vacuum so that the plant will not be able to get close places, but enough to make the outside of the air into the plant formation of air convection, which is called the suction fan works .

A typical use of suction fan:

A stream of negative pressure rooms in hospitals period, the principle is the same, the dirty air out, pull in introducing fresh air, to avoid bacteria mutual infection.

So plant workshop ventilation equipment to pull in fresh air, dirty air out to go, this is called a negative pressure plant, experts recommend good air circulation than sterilization, showing negative pressure ventilation fan cooling is the best choice for a new generation of ventilation and cooling.