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Plant ventilation cooling equipment suction fan system

Article Source:Admin Popularity: 1457  Published: 2015/6/10 

An industrial plant ventilation cooling system: suction fan industrial plant emissions, flue gas dust industry is global governance has been a problem, have been studied for decades. My company through the introduction, absorption, integration and improvement of the successful development of the industrial plant ventilation control technology, and apply this technology welding, casting, machining, heat treatment and other industrial plants governance.

Industrial plant ventilation system not only can effectively regulate the air temperature and humidity within a set range, but also by air movement, the dust generated in the work area, the upper portion of the dust to the plant, so the plant is set within the height range of air to be governed.

II. Suction fan system works

Three advantage. Industrial plant ventilation cooling equipment

Effect of (1) is not the size of the welding work, not welders effect level changes, not the operator to use influence habits;

(2) Filtration fully meet the indoor emission standards, improve the working environment area;

(3) to solve the problem smoke purification, will not cause secondary pollution of the atmosphere;

(4) mixing the required amount of wind blowing only traditional forms of half, a significant reduction in energy consumption;

(5) Indoor air can be recycled, to avoid wastage vertical indoor cold / heat energy;

(6) low air velocity, air flow does not affect a large part of the operating process quality is not blowing;

High (7) the degree of automation, the use of plc control, with friendly man-machine interface. Greatly improve production efficiency.