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Shutter cone exhaust fan

Article Source:Admin Popularity: 1180  Published: 2015/6/10 18:27:28 

Shutter cone exhaust fan


Performance characteristics

Reasonable cone designing which can concentrate blowing and direction,so the air flow is bigger and the fan will be energy-efficient,lower noise;

The frame is hot galvanized with advanced auto-machining technique.The thickness of the galvanized layer is 180g/㎡.

One fan with 6 stainless steel blades,model 430BA.Do balance test to make sure the weight of each blade is similar.


The air blower technology parameter

Model specifications Diameter
Blades rotational speed rpm
Motor rotatinal speed rpm
Air flow
Total Presure Noise
Import power
Height(mm) Width
YS-130A 1250 427 1400 44000 80 ≤70 1100 380 1380 1380 1250

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