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Push-pull type exhaust fan

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Push-pull type exhaust fan



Performance characteristics


Special push-pull shutter mechanism can open and close shutter automatically.

Stainless steel blade uses a stamping molding process,possessing beautiful,durable,high-precision balance testing revision charcteristics,avoiding being deformed and cracked,working smoothly,reducing the noise and effectively improving the service life.

Unique concave handling design of exhaust fan not only helps avoid inconvenience occurred inthe transport,but also keep favorable installation and beautiful exterior.

V-belt is made of high-strength and light-weight aluminum magnesium alloy,formed by heat press processing.

A-belt or B-belt,can be customized according to the sales condition of agents to meet different customers?needs.

Equipped with efficient and energy-saving motor with CCC certification.Protection level:IP55.Insulation level:F.

Guide rod-embedded steel is installed on the impeller,enhancing the reliability, and effectively avoid shift during the process of nylon production.


Wind collector

Push-pull type fan wind device made in 1.0mm no spangles galvanized sheet,can produce 910#,270# products,it also can be customized according to user needs.


Protecting wire net

Fan protecting wire net made by various kinds of the diameter of hard-drawn wire(also can use requirements material according to user),surface processing uses electrostatic powder painting or galvanized.The surface color can be made according to the customers'requst.


Iron base for the blade

One-step forming process,strong and reliable,and ensures the service life.


Push-pull alumium wheel

Fan blade


Made from die-casting molding high strength aluminum and magnesium alloy qualitative light,and intensity tall.

Professional designed blade Angle.,air quantity keep consistent in the fan using process through dynamic balance test.


Push-pull institutions,high strength,high toughness nylon


The air blower technology parameter

  Model specifications   YS-910   YS-1270
  Diameter biades(mm)   910   1270
  Frequency(Hz)   50   50
  Motor rotational speedrpm(r/min)   ≥1400    ≥1400
  Air flow(m³/h)   23500   48000
  Import power(W)   750   1100
  Noise decibels(dB)   ≤64   ≤64
  Rated voltage(V)   380   380
  Height(mm)   1000   1380
  Width(mm)   1000   1380
  Thickness(mm)   450   450

Light trap



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