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Environmental air-conditioning wet curtain fan cooling system[2015-6-10]

Environmental air-conditioning (wet curtain cooling fan) Wet curtain (also known as wet film) humidification sys...

Plant ventilation cooling equipment suction fan system[2015-6-10]

An industrial plant ventilation cooling system: suction fan industrial plant emissions, flue gas dust industry i...

Plant ventilation equipment, suction fan is the best choice[2015-6-10]

Summer daytime outdoor temperature 32 ℃ ~ 36 ℃, no heat plant indoor temperature is about 37 ℃ ~ 41 ℃, due to th...

Garment factory workshop cooling ventilation equipment applications[2015-6-10]

First, the industry characteristics:

Garment factory workshop personnel-intensive, and the workshop ther...

Positive and negative airflow[2015-6-10]

1. "negative" is lower than atmospheric pressure (that is often said of one atmosphere) of the gas pressure cond...

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